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Bullcube E5A Wall Hanging Solar lifepo4 Battery for Solar Panel

* Easy Installation (Floor or ground mounted)
* Model: 5 kWh Lithium Battery
* Weight: 55kg/ 121 lbs
* Lifespan: 4000 Cycles
* Extendable by parallel
* Application: UPS, Solar battery
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Functional Features:

  1. Unique appearance patent design; 

  2. Customized BMS communication protocol;

  3. Lithium Iron Phosphate series Cell;

  4. High safety and reliability; 

  5. Support corresponding invert system;

  6. Smallest volume in comparable batteries;

  7. Space saver; 

  8. Shipping convenient;

  9. Customizable appearance color.


  1. Uninterruptible power supply, power backup systems for home, hospital, bank, data center, small enterprise, office, base station, etc

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