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Bullcube P5A Stackable Energy Storage System Home Solar Battery

Function Features:
High energy density;
High charging and discharging convert efficiency;
Multiple protect functions supported by BMS;
Flexible and reliable BMS system;
Highly modular & simple in structure;
Easy to install and maintain.
Application Fields:
Home energy storage systems for low-power network switches and low-power household appliances.
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1.Easy installation with modular and stacked design

2.Flexible capacity options,5kwh~75kwh

3.Excellent safety of cobalt free LiFePO4 battery

4.Wide temperature range of -10~50°C

The modularity of battery system makes it easy to be installed with internal plugs, requiring no extra cable connections, while with all the external cables integrated onto one plug, its connection to the inverter is much more simplified.

      • Ground Eco battery is a Ground mounted lithium battery pack which consists of long life-span LiFePO4 battery cells and functional BMS. It can store and release electric energy based on the requirements of the inverter controller. It is mainly for home energy storage system.

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