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Bullcube P5B Stackable Energy Storage System Solar lifepo4 Battery

● 4000+ life cycles
● Increased safety performance
● High temperature performance
● Green energy without contaminants
● <3% yearly self discharge rate
● Vibration and shock resistant
● No memory effect
● 48V lifepo4 battery integrate “BMS + Safe Board” dual protection
● Patented screw fastening structure
● Support series or parallel connection
● Effective customize technical solution
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Function Features:
  1. High energy density;

  2. High charging and discharging convert efficiency;

  3. Multiple protect functions supported by BMS; 

  4. Flexible and reliable BMS system;

  5. Highly modular & simple in structure;

  6. Easy to install and maintain.

Application Fields:
  1. Home energy storage systems for low-power network switches and low-power household appliances.

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